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Business Efficiency Systems and Solutions

ImageStor are able to introduce systems and solutions to enable your business to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Listed below are areas with solutions that may be able to do just that irrespective of the market sector you operate in!

Fax – Still the most secure way to send documents electronically

No need for expensive fax hardware – no paper, no toner, no dedicated phone lines – dramatically reduce costs and improve data security.

Choose the best platform; Server based in-house or hosted, or totally cloud-based.

Fax to and from the desktop, with integrations for all email platforms.

Fax from multi-function devices, with full access to address books, cover sheets, etc.

Full audit trails keep track of who sent what to where, for compliance.

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Print Management – Reduce print costs and increase security

Quickly achieve a reduction of 10% – 30% in recurring spending on document output.

Drastically reduce paper/toner usage using pull printing and print rules.

Optimise your printer fleet, reduce the number of printers required.

Greatly reduce the number of print servers, minimise print traffic across the network.

Quickly roll-out print drivers across the whole network with just a few clicks.

Establish confidential printing with personal authentication at the device.

Reduce IT administration and take control with full print auditing.

Print/Scan – Enable mobile and guest printing, integrate multi-function devices with data workflows

Print from any device, to any printer, on any network – No need to be connected to the network, no need for print drivers.

Print by simply emailing documents to an enabled device.

Allow users to print from tablets and phones – Via email or an app.

Secure print release avoids sensitive information getting into the wrong hands and cuts down on waste.

Power-up MFDs by implementing scan-to-network – Capture data from documents and have it automatically placed straight into workflows and processes.

Simplify the management of distributed document capture workflows: scan-to-mail, scan-to-PC desktop, scan-to-file, and conversion to searchable and ultra-compressed PDF.

Quickly capture paper-based information directly into Microsoft Office and eliminate the need to rekey, distribute, or archive paper.

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business solutions imagestor

Unified Communications – Notification, Access, Response and Collaboration

Call control solutions, email systems, mobile devices, presence engines and data infrastructures all working in harmony.

Best-of-breed applications including unified messaging; speech recognition; context-aware personal assistant; automated attendant; call processing; voicemail; fax; notification and more.

One inbox for all of your messages; voice, fax and email – Available from wherever you are.

Enhance the enterprise capabilities of Skype for Business with call handling, enhanced voicemail functionality and more.

SMS – Harness the simplicity, speed and power of text messaging for marketing, notifications and alerts

Server or Cloud based cost-effective SMS messaging, straight from the desktop.

Integrates with any email platform to allow seamless email-to-sms and sms-to-email – no need for additional software.

Build up an SMS contact database for marketing purposes – send offers, create and run SMS-based competitions and surveys, using short codes and key words.

Integrate SMS with back-office IT to enable automated reporting of system problems.

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Process Automation – Digitise and automate manual processes, simplify archiving and retrieval

Electronically file and manage all of your data and documentation – Gain visibility and control.

Share data immediately, with anyone in the business.

Intelligent capture of key data with automatic integration into business processes – Eg. Scan an invoice, key account and transaction data is extracted, checked against the associated purchase order and routed to the correct person/team accordingly.

Reduce physical storage and meet compliance regulations.

One platform, multiple uses – Implement a system for Accounts Payable, use the same platform for your digital mailroom, in your HR department or anywhere else where a manual process can be streamlined.

Business Intelligence Dashboard Reporting – Make faster, more accurate decisions based on real-time management data

Powerful reporting presented in a simple graphical dashboard format, which users can quickly create themselves.

A highly interactive view of organisational performance, using live data from a wide range of existing and disparate sources.

Drill-down through data to get to the underlying root cause of specific business issues, with just a few mouse clicks.

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Managed Services – Expand business, increase revenue  with minimal outlay and risk

Low-cost, low-risk way to employ highly skilled additional resource – without the normal employment constraints.

Experiment with new ideas without the up-front investment.

Switch-on, switch-off – flexible resources when you need them – one person or a whole team.

Manage your resource directly or opt for full management and just monitor results.

Offer multilingual 24x7x365 services to your customers.

Software Sourcing – Take the pain out of buying software

Whether it’s core software from well-known publishers, or niche solutions that you haven’t heard of, our Software Sourcing can source and supply at the very best price.

business solutions imagestor

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