Duplication and Micro-fiche Conversion

cd duplication and conversion

ImageStor’s range of CD duplication and replication services specialises in high quality products.

We are leading providers in this field and are renowned for timely deliveries and corporate image enhancement solutions.

Often volumes of CDs need to be replicated quickly and in high quality for events such as trade shows, product launches and seminars where clients do not have the resources or technology in-house to perform this task. The ImageStor service represents a high quality value for money approach.

What’s involved?

 •   CD Duplication and printing

•   Various CD types (Business Card, Standard CDs etc.)

•   Fast turnaround

•   Full packaging, distribution and mailing service

cd duplication and conversion

data file conversion cd

C.O.L.D. – Computer Output to Laser Disk

Working from the comfort of your own desk, millions of records can be searched and retrieved instantly using C.O.L.D. (Computer Output to Laser Disk).

Traditionally vast amounts of electronic data in ASCII format have been exported on tape or disk for the production of microfiche. Today the data is exported in the same way and transferred to CD-Rom/DVD.

Why use C.O.L.D?

It’s tremendously fast for retrieval – Unique numbers, dates, values, names can be retrieved in seconds – Access can be simply a ‘read only’ CD or networked across the Web – Very competitive prices – < > searches on dates, values and numbers can be made across the database

Schedules – Live data can be processed and output within 24 hours from receipt.

Tests – Using a sample batch of the clients data, tests are undertaken free of charge to ensure satisfaction before proceeding.

Retrieval – There is free text retrieval across the complete database with the ability to search on values, dates or names with wild card features.

cd duplication and conversion

microfilm and microfiche

Microfilming – tried, proven, tested.

Traditional microfilms still have a role in today’s market place. Microfilm is still a sought after service because of the longevity it provides as well as being legally admissible in a court of law.

Whilst electronic imaging is used for swift access and retrieval of data, the microfilm is still requested by the archivists and legal departments of businesses for the above reasons. We offer all microforms which include basic 16/35mm roll film, cartridges, microjackets, and aperture cards.

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