What We Do

At imageStor we offer a wide variety of services to suit all your business and document needs.

We understand business and document solutions grow all the time. We are here to help keep you on top of it all.

imagestor business solutions

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•  We scan anything from train ticket size papers to A0 size

•  Maps/Drawings to colour/bw PDFs or tiffs

•  X-Ray scanning

•  16/35mm microfilm, microfiche, Microjackets to PDF/tiffs

•  On-site Scanning Data Input Services

Out of the Blue – Online Storage

•  An extremely affordable convenient way of managing and viewing your data

•  All maintenance costs are included in the monthly rentals

•  Simply pay a fixed monthly user rental with no limit to the number of images being housed in the repository (Up to 40,000,000 images)

•  Features include View, Add, Edit and Delete

•  Searchable PDFs, audit Trail, audit Control are just some of the features available

online data storage

imagestor business solutions

Off-Site Box Storage & Archiving

•  Off-site box storage with ‘Scan on Demand’ service

•  On-line retrieval request and view service

•  On-site box loading service

•  On-site/Off-site box inventory service

•  Full range of archiving services

Microfilm / Microfiche Conversion to PDF

Stop wasting valuable time searching through dated microforms and introduce better working business practices into the business by scanning the microfilm / fiche images to PDFs / tiffs.

microfilm and microfiche

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Other Services Include

•  Box Supplies

•  On-Site Box Loading Service

•  Box Inventory Service

•  Scanning On-Site or at our Bureau

•  Data Capture

•  Microfilm Conversion

•  Scanner Distributors for: Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak & Panasonic

•  Warehouse Fulfilment

•  Alchemy Software Distributors

•  Commercial Storage

Looking for personal storage?

iSelfStor – Storage made simple.

iSelfStor is a new self storage service brought to you by imageStor. Easy and affordable storage can be yours in just a few clicks.

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