Scanning Services

ImageStor have a very varied range of clients utilising our scanning services.

Job Specifications cover pre/post scanning document preparation, scanning, indexing and output preferences.

The output preferences can be CD, DVD, Memory Stick, External Hard Drive or our on-line web-hosted retrieval service – Out of the Blue!

Tests are always undertaken free of charge to ensure that the client is 100% happy prior to proceeding. We also specialise in supporting in house scanning units on an as and when needed basis.

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Why Scan?

•   Speed of Retrieval – Records found in seconds!

•   Space savings – Up to 98%

•   Security back-up to vital records for Disaster Recovery Purposes

•   Misfiled papers found!

•   Save photocopying costs – Email PDF’s instead!

Scanning Services

ImageStor have a very extensive client base from both the Private and Public sectors who are utilising our scanning services.

Scanning can take place on-site at the client’s premises or off-site at ImageStor’s scanning bureau.

Projects can vary from just a few boxes of files to several hundred.

Every category of paper file that is scanned has a pre-agreed Job Specification that ImageStor and our clients create together.

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Specialist In-house Scanning Units

We also specialise in supporting in house scanning units by providing:

•   Trained Staff to cover for staff absences on an as and when needed basis

•   Provide recommendations for new scanners from leading manufacturers

•   Provide Annual Maintenance plans for all existing scanners

Typical Applications Scanned

•   Accounting Records

•   Insurance Files

•   Minutes

•   Pension files

•   Job Files

•   Health & Safety Records

•   Purchase Ledger

•   O + M Manuals

•  Client correspondence files 

•   All NHS Records including Medical Records

•   Burial, Purchase & Cremation Registers

•   Housing Files

•   HR Current & Leaver Files

•   Payroll Records

•   Revenue & Benefit Files

•   Donation Forms

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